The end of June found JACK, led by Annette Reid, on set, flexing their filmmaking muscles to complete shooting on two short films at the same time: Lossed and Let Me Finish.  With Annette starring in Lossed, she had to rely heavily on Director, Carlos Carrasco. 


“Lossed” is a short film written by and featuring Annette Reid. Directed by Carlos Carrasco, Edited by Paulo Martinez Medeles.  Co-starring Jens Kohler

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Annette Reid says it’s that time of year again! What time, you may ask? Why – Shakespeare’s Birthday, says Annette! Yep – hard to believe, but old Will really is…well… OLD. 450 Years, as a matter of fact! Which is a definite cause of celebration for Annette, since she’s a super big fan. Good choice, since he was the most prolific writer of his time. Well… let’s face it, he’s the most prolific writer of any time, and is actually the world’s most performed and translated playwright. Click here to see Annette’s signature YouTube piece, as she honors the Bard Himself with her recitation of her favorite Shakespearean sonnet. Number 61 – “Is it thy will, thy image should keep open.”

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